Inserting a plot into the canvas

To insert a plot into the canvas, tap the insert button, and the "Graph". Select the kind of graph you want. In version 1, only a 2-D Cartesian plot is available.

Connecting an equation to a plot.

Connect any scalar symbol in an equation to the plot in the same manner as connecting that symbol to another equation: Tap the symbol, then press and hold the wire button (to the left of the value field) and drag it to the name of the axis you want to wire it to. The plot will automatically assume the dimension and preferred units for the dimension of the variable you wired in. Once you have connected both the independent and dependent axes, the plot willbecome active.

Navigating the plot

You can scroll and scale the plot as you would in the Maps app, with the exception that double-tapping will enlarge the plot to fill the screen. Double-tap again to resume its previous size. Press and hold on a point in the plot to see a pop-up of the x and y values for that point.
To change the min and max values manually, or to change units, tap the axis.