Three ways to share

There are three ways to share your work in Math Touch. 1) Sending a canvas by e-mail, 2) synching files through iTunes, and 3) using screenshots to share plots pictures.


If you have an e-mail account set up on your iOS device and internet access, you can send a Math Touch canvas as an attachment through e-mail. The attachment can be saved on a regular computer, and it can be opened directly on iOS devices on which Math Touch is installed.
To send a canvas by e-mail, from within Math Touch, tap the "My Canvases" button in the upper left (iPad) or tap the info button "i" then "My Canvases" (iPhone). With the canvas you wish to send selected in the canvas browser, tap the e-mail button (an @ symbol in a stamp) and the e-mail composer will be displayed.

Opening Math Touch attachments

If you receive a Math Touch canvas by e-mail, you will see a file attachment with the file extension ".mathtouch". On an iOS device with Math Touch installed, tap this file and your iOS device will ask you if you want to open this document with Math Touch. By accepting this offer, your iOS device will automtically launch Math Touch and open the attachment.


Math Touch documents are visible in iTunes, allowing you to use your regular computer to manipulate the files. In iTunes, with your iOS device connected and synchronized, select the device under the "Devices" label in the sidebar. In the row of tabs, select "Apps". At the top of this tab is the regular management for installing organizing and removing applications. Below is an area which lists each application that enables file management. Select Math Touch in this lower list, and the list of files in Math Touch will be displayed. In addition to your canvases, which have a .mathtouch extension, you will also see your equation database "" and your unit database, "". You can copy these files to your regular computer, delete them, replace them with files from your computer, or add files from your computer. You can attach the .mathtouch canvas files to an e-mail and send them to a friend, or you can share the equations to be installed


Sometimes, you will want to share an image of a plot of solution of equations with someone who does not have Math Touch or even an iOS device. At all times, an iOS device can produce capture an image from any application's screen, and add them to your camera roll. (Devices without a camera get a "Saved Images" photo album automatically.) Simply press and hold the Home button and then press the sleep/wake button, then release both buttons. The screen will flash white and the device will make the sound of a camera. You may use the Photos app's standard e-mail ability to send this screen shot with someone.
To learn more about creating plots, and making them fill the screen, tap here.