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iPhone, meet real science

Math Touch is not a unit converter; it’s not a calculator; it’s not a database; it’s not an equation grapher.
It is a new way of interacting with your math.  Under the hood, it has all these other capabilities.

Unlike push-button calculators and computer scripting languages, Math Touch begins a new era of directly interacting with your math.  Variable symbols are preserved, to maintain their sense of physical significance of the equations.  The variables are linked visually with wires between equations.  Tapping on a variable gives its description, specifies its dimension and allows you to enter a value.  Equations and plots move freely about the canvas as you direct.

Scientific calculators are dumb

Scientific calculators don’t know what you’re doing, so they can’t help you catch mistakes.  All they understand is numbers, no units or vectors.  Math Touch understands what units, dimensions, and vectors are, and how to convert and analyze them.  It also understands how to keep track of numerical precision, by default with significant figures, or when you use them, parenthetical or ± notation.  You never have to switch between degree or radian mode, you never have to convert your vectors into Cartesian coordinates before adding them, and you can always convert any calculated value into other units.

Scientific Calculator displaying unending 3's

Mac OS X's Calculator in Scientific Mode

Manual Dimensional Analysis The slide-rule is dead; move on

Instead of re-typing equations every time you want one, insert them from a categorized database of common arithmetic, geometric, trigonometric, kinematic, dynamic, and mechanical equations.  Don’t see the one you need?  Making new equations is simple with a visual equation editor that even knows when to add parentheses for you.  Before saving your new equation in the database, the editor will even perform dimensional and vector analysis for you, warning you of any physical incompatibilities (and won’t let you insert an equation into the canvas if it has not passed dimensional & vector analysis!).  Stop re-working everything by hand and pencil; harness the power of the iPhone.

Multi-touch plotting – the way it should be

My grade-school algebra teacher would take points off if we didn’t include axes and their names, tick marks and their values, circle the origin, and a host of other must-haves.  One student even got a negative score on one test because of his failure to do so.  I’ve even seen grad students forget to put units on their plot axes for presentations!  Math Touch remembers to do all of these automatically.  Plots drop into the math canvas just like equations, and wiring a variable up to its axis is the same as wiring it to another equation.  The axes automatically assume your preferred unit for the variable’s dimension!  Panning and zooming in the plot is just like using maps on the iPhone, and the tick marks dynamically change as you zoom.  If you double-tap a plot, it fills your screen, and if you press and hold, Math Touch shows you the coordinates of your touch.  Want to send a picture of the plot to a friend?  Take a standard iPhone screen shot by holding the Home button then pressing the sleep/wake button; a screen shot of the plot will be added to your Photos camera role.

An app by a rocket scientist,* for scientists and engineers

I’ve lived the life of a research scientist and engineer, and I’ve been dissatisfied with the software tools we have available.  Some software packages out there do a great job of converting units, but it’s time to turn it up a notch.  It’s time to raise the bar above kitchen unit converters, tacky 1980’s mimicking scientific calculators, and blind-to-the-physics generic computer-algebra packages.  It’s time to get some scientific and engineering rigor into the app market.  That’s our goal for Math Touch, and it’s time you improved the way you do your back-of-the-envelope calculations.  I don’t think you’ll replace your $1000 desktop software with Math Touch, but when you need a quick calculation and you don’t want to bother with the mundane but necessary tasks of unit conversion, numerical precision tracking, dimensional analysis, looking up equations, constants and observations, or solving the equations, that’s where Math Touch comes in.
On your iPhone, Math Touch is always in your pocket, and on your iPad, Math Touch is a dream come true.

*Colloquial term: Ben Spratling: Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering to be award in December, 2010 from Texas A&M University.  B.S. – Auburn University, Physics, Honors Thesis: Hydro-Geo-Physics.
Development associate: Dr. Graham Booker, Ph.D. – Computer Engineering, Texas A&M University 2010.